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*We Now Fill Growlers
  Bring in your growler and we can fill it. 28 beers to choose from. (No Nitro Beers)

Keg order

We regularly stock over 30 different types of keg beer, and would be pleased to special order any product available through our distributors.  Our kegs are sold on a first come, first serve basis, therefore we will not reserve a keg for you without payment.  However, we can schedule a pick-up order for you, at which time we will charge you for the keg and remove it from our inventory until you are able to pick it up.
Whether you’re thirsty for a particular imported beer, a local micro-brew, or one of your favorite top American brands, for your celebration or to fill your keg cooler at home we can help.
Root beer is available in a keg
Must Be 21+ with Valid ID ONLY!
(call to order and for availability)
(email to order and for availability)

Thanks! Message sent. We will get back to you with Price and Availability. All purchaces must be made with a valid ID. 21+ Only

Deposit Pricing

Servings per Keg

Please note these amounts do vary for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, foam resulting from jostling the keg.

The small text.

Must Be 21+ with Valid ID ONLY!
Special orders usually require a minimum of 14 day lead time. All pricing is based on current inventory or 14 day order. Alcohol orders needed in less than 14 days will accrue a 25% expedite charge.
The purchaser has 30 days from the date of purchase to return all rented equipment for a full refund.
All refunds on keg shells not purchased at Pajarito Brewpub will only be credited $10.
All kegs are non-refundable please call immediately if there is a problem.
Please note that kegs are available in four different sizes, but not all types of beer come in each size.
See the Servings Per Keg chart below for the number of servings in each size barrel.